Tuesday, October 16, 2012

They Did It Again

They Do It Again


They did it again to me. Another mailer. I can stand it. But what about those poor souls that do not have enough cold blood to withstand another propaganda attack by highly republicanized "60 Plus" misinformation machine. I count myself as their target for I am a senior, but their scare tactics, because that what it really is, will not work on me. It is so obvious and primitive that it can hardly meet criteria of common sense analysis.

The aging segment of our society is aimed at for apparent reason. We are becoming the real power in the nation. Our numbers swell. Unfortunately for the groups that want to acquire the presidential powers. As we leave the work force to retire, we cannot be exploited any longer, and as we want to enjoy fruits of our hard labors, we are regarded as the drain on the greedy money making machine of American industry. There is so much money to be "made" and so much wealth to be gained by the few. Notice, that every time the Republicans have majority in the Legislation, be it National or State, each effort to introduce changes improving the lot of working class gets blocked, or mutilated to the point of hardly giving any relief. However, as the growing group of people, We have still something that the contenders to power crave. Those are our VOTES. Each one of us possesses, as long as we are alive, and as long as the democracy exists in this country, the undeniable ability to make or brake, or maybe just influence our leaders. This is, to think of it, the greatest responsibility towards the stewardship of the country and will influence the future of next generations. Therefore we have to weigh very carefully each and every issue that is placed in front of us by the candidates to this power. Analyze and try to predict the consequences of what is presented. This applies to all levels of the government, local, state, or federal. Particular care should be given to weigh the candidates for local positions and the legislature, for these are having an immediate impact on our everyday lives.
    The negative campaign that is wielded under the guise of "60 Plus" unfortunately targets the most vulnerable and the ones that were raised in wholesome and trusting environment. We all know how far the pre-election statements come into pass after we cast our votes. And carefully looking at the fliers that sent by the politicised  machinery of "60 Plus", we can decode the real purpose and true message of their presentation: REPEAL "OBAMA'S HEALTH CARE LAW", the  Act that cares about common people.
For "enlightenment" of our readers we place the pictures of the flier below. As usual, the phrases quoted are taken out of context, in which they would carry different, if not opposite meaning. The play on deeper humane feelings is exploited craftily by the propaganda teams. Always show smiling faces next to our message. Show utmost dejection and concern when facing the opponent's. Those people mastered the manipulation of human mind to near perfection. Enjoy the next masterpiece of misinformation and anti-humanistic propaganda.
Page 1.Sheer nonsense. No comment.

Page 2.Propaganda as usual. Repeat the lie 1000 times and it becomes the truth.

Page 3. Beautiful picture of rosy, current situation.

Page 4. Another pack of lies. Just like previous Republican "death panels", which in fact are insurance companies, because they are the ones denying coverage. Another piece of misinformation.
This is becoming serious. Such propaganda can really destroy care for seniors if enough people believe in it.

Page 5. Here "60 plus" is at its best. Total destruction of all hopes! Only the Republican propaganda machine can come up with so much venom. Poor senior's life completely shattered by denied claims. Washington bureaucrats denying claims. And what else is happening NOW? "60 Plus", GET REAL!

Page 6.The "60 plus" can play on figures all it wants. They really make a strong impression.

 Page 7. Bad case of indigestion on top, or maybe disgust with a TV advertisement? Lower, just one of the President's pictures.

Page 8. Smiling faces taken with P. Ryan's add. According to leading economists, Ryan's plan is going to lead America to economic disaster. However in the meantime, have those seniors vote for us. Later we will deal "Enron style" with the younger generation by privatizing Social Security and Medicare. Our pals will come out on top with billions. Good for us. Seniors? Who cares?

The crafty manipulators of minds from "60 Plus" have no other purpose than to support the Republican ticket. Beware of their powers. President Obama, as we know well, proposed so called "government option" in approach to health care reform. That was the most sweeping innovation imaginable, next to national, single payer arrangement. Introduction of it would be the beginning of end for greedy health insurance industry. They had to kill it. And they did. Thanks to our corrupted legislature. The narrow interest groups using their lobbying powers and unlimited money blocked another effort to improve the lot of an average citizen of our country. The Golden Rule triumphed again, not "We, the people".

The referred Golden Rule is not what passed down from the Romans. The modified version reads:
                                           "He, who has gold, makes rules"